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  • NEW: Experimental feature remote monitoring for Pico rev.2 

    We are thrilled to announce a new experimental feature! From now on, you can use the app to monitor your batteries, tank levels, temperatures and other measurments from anywhere. In this blog post we’ll explore the setup process of this new feature and what it offers you.

  • 2023 in numbers and what’s coming in 2024

    And another year has passed. Growing, dynamic, connecting and innovative. In this blog post, we will touch on some of the major milestones in 2023 and reveal our plans for the coming year 2024.

  • pico sets

    One, Standard, or Blue? Pico sets explained

    Although there are only three, each is intended for specific vessels and recreational vehicles. When deciding which package is right for you, first consider what you want to measure. The Pico system is modular, so don’t worry if down the road you figure out that you have run out of space to measure additional devices.

  • digital switching for campervans

    Via (previously Caravan Control) – digital switching for campervans explained

    If you’re wondering if Via is the new system we’ve developed for campervans and RVs our answer is, “no.” Via is Caravan Control – the same system, new name. The Via system comes in two parts: the control panel and the power distribution unit (SPDU52).

  • How to choose the right shunts & modules for your Pico system

    Understanding electricity, how batteries work and monitoring energy consumption is not for everyone. But if you’re a boat or vacation boat owner and enjoy sea adventures or longer land getaways, then it’s imperative that you know at least the basics.

  • What our new website brings you

    The long-awaited, new website finally saw the light of day recently. It brings you expanded product descriptions, new blog entries, revised technical documents, expanded Q&A, and an introduction to the Simarine team. We’ve added new ways to contact us if you have technical questions or are looking for more information.

  • A Greek hero, innovation, and future-focused design – more than just a campervan

    At CMT Stuttgart 2023, one of the world’s biggest campervan trade fairs, Robeta debuted its stunning new vehicle, the Adonis. The Slovenian manufacturer already made a big splash at the Dusseldorf 2022 fair, making sure that plenty of people were talking about them – in Dusseldorf they debuted their Schumacher Edition, outfitted in collaboration with former F1 star Ralf Schumacher on top of a Mercedes Benz chassis.

  • Custom vans for a custom life – meet Brooklyn Campervans

    We all have dreams. Some keep dreaming about them all their lives, while others turn them into reality at the right moment. Arthur and Oliver, co-founders of the van conversion compan…

  • We have been nominated for the DAME Design Award 2022!

    In 2016 it was PICO, in 2017 it was Nereide Switch panel and this year Nereide 3 was nominated for the DAME Design Award. We are grateful that the jury recognized the value of our new digital switching solution for yachts. Fingers crossed we get to win!

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