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  • A Greek hero, innovation, and future-focused design – more than just a campervan

    At CMT Stuttgart 2023, one of the world’s biggest campervan trade fairs, Robeta debuted its stunning new vehicle, the Adonis. The Slovenian manufacturer already made a big splash at the Dusseldorf 2022 fair, making sure that plenty of people were talking about them – in Dusseldorf they debuted their Schumacher Edition, outfitted in collaboration with former F1 star Ralf Schumacher on top of a Mercedes Benz chassis.

  • Custom vans for a custom life – meet Brooklyn Campervans

    We all have dreams. Some keep dreaming about them all their lives, while others turn them into reality at the right moment. Arthur and Oliver, co-founders of the van conversion compan…

  • We have been nominated for the DAME Design Award 2022!

    In 2016 it was PICO, in 2017 it was Nereide Switch panel and this year Nereide 3 was nominated for the DAME Design Award. We are grateful that the jury recognized the value of our new digital switching solution for yachts. Fingers crossed we get to win!

  • Robeta’s Luxury Schumacher Edition Camper Van Equipped with the Nereide 2

    Ex-Formula 1 driver Ralf Schumacher and the premium Slovenian campervan manufacturer Robeta have designed a new and limited-edition luxury campervan – the Schumacher edition.

  • Van conversion – this is how Tim and Katie from The Trio In Transit did it!

    “One of the cleanest, most beautiful and off-the-grid ready vans I’ve seen in all of YouTube. Well done guys.” This is the first comment you’ll find below their latest YouTube video, in which Tim and Katie take a tour of the campervan of their dreams.

  • tank sensors configuration guide

    Tank sensors configuration guide

    One of our PICO’s main functionalities is monitoring tank levels. This blog post will explain which tank sensors we support and how to configure them in PICO to properly track your tank levels. Let’s get started!

  • 5 simple steps to maintain your boat battery

    Batteries have always been an important issue for all boat lovers and sailors. In addition to their main function as an energy source to start the engines, batteries run a host of and have to feed all those cool electronic onboard appliances and all sorts of apps.

  • How to choose the right marine battery

    We all have serious need for electricity onboard and a good working marine battery is one of the most important crew members. It’s not encouraging, yet it’s a fact: batteries degrade over time. At some point, you shall be looking forward to buying a new one. It’s important that you choose the right battery for your boat. But … which is the right one? It’s very difficult to select as there are countless choices.

  • Introducing the SCX03, the latest in our family of shunts!

    Simarine is devoted to constant advances. Insatiable curiosity, cutting-edge innovation, and a passion for adventure on land and sea alike guide our development of new products. It is our pleasure today to introduce to you the newest addition to our powerful family of shunts, the SCX03. This innovation takes the place of the older shunts SCX02T and SCX01 (whose lines included the SC301, SC501, SC302T, and the SC502T).

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