Digital Switching

Digital switching systems for your yacht, campervan, motorhome, travel trailer, caravan and RV.

Combination of a control panel and 12V power distribution units (DC, AC, remote switches...).

Via system

Nereide 2 system

Nereide Pro system

A complete digital switching system for campervans, motorhomes and RVs

The system comes in two parts: the control panel and the power distribution unit. 

It has 6 switching channels, a 50A shunt for the service battery, a 40A shunt for the wall charger, and a 16A shunt for solar. 

via digital switching system for campervans

Nereide 2 - as seen in Hanse Yachts

Nereide 2 is all-in-one solution for yachts. Combination of an advanced battery monitoring system, a control panel with high-end look and customizable printed labels next to the buttons, and 12V DC and AC power distribution units.

Nereide Pro - customizable system

Nereide Pro is a cutting-edge digital switching solution for yachts with 20 customizable digital buttons. Set them quickly and easily using the Nereide configurator. The system uses 80% less power than other digital switching solutions currently on the market.

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