SIMARINE NEREIDE Smart Marine Power Panel

SIMARINE NEREIDE is truly unique. Its made entirely of high-quality anodized aluminum and gorilla glass and dims at night. But it’s not merely a designer improvement over the existing distribution panels in the marine industry, it’s a technical beauty on the inside as well.
Safety and reliability were our main concern, that is why we combined the digital front with an analog back – meaning for every DC or AC switch has a manual override on the back. On top of that, the switches and buttons are users replaceable, as they are on a classic electrical panel. The backside consists of several separated circuit boards that work independently of each other.
The Scene/Memory buttons below the display allow easy recalling and saving the configuration of the switches on the board.
An integrated WiFi coupled with a dedicated SIMARINE App allows remote management of the NEREIDE via iPhone and iPad from anywhere on the yacht or nearby.
SIMARINE’s optional integration of the renowned PICO battery and tank monitoring, as well as a digital pictogram, adds to the list of competitive advantages.
It consumes below 250mA and it is even waterproof from the front side.
SIMARINE NEREIDE is developed, designed and produced entirely by the hard-working team of SIMARINE d.o.o. in Slovenia.
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