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  • Stainless steel sheath and waterproof
  • Measurement range: -13 to 105 °C
  • Length of wire: 5 meter
  • Size of probe: 5 x 25 mm
  • Output: 2 wires
  • Type: NTC 10k±1% 3950
  • B-constant : 3380K -/+ 1%
  • Typical Dissipation Constant 5mW/ °C
  • Probe insulation: >100MOhm
  • Peak Voltage sustain time: 2 seconds, AC1800V 1mA 2 seconds
  • Stress sustain: 9.8N (1kgF) for 1 minute no deformation

Temperature Sensor

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NTC thermistor accuracy temperature sensor 10K 1% 3950 waterproof probe.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x NTC 10K 1% Temperature Temp Sensor Probe Thermometer Waterproof cable
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“The PICO is not just a battery monitor. The modular and fully programmable PICO system includes several monitoring modules that can be fully programmed and customized to monitor several systems from one display. ”
Brian Pursel (RVwithTITO)
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