The purpose of the project is to strengthen the marketing of the SIMARINE PICO monitor brand on the Turkish market. The reasons for choosing Turkey are mainly:

    • Has a highly developed nautical tourism
    • Is the world country third nation in terms of shipbuilding,
    • It invests intensively in the construction of new marinas, while at the same time openly accepting all innovative nautical products that facilitate navigation and make it more environmentally friendly. Setting up a showroom and personalized targeted marketing with the help of a local agent will bring added value to existing marketing activities in the Turkish market. The showroom will be set in a strategic location, which will be chosen precisely because of its good attendance and accessibility. We also see an additional advantage in providing a personal, warm marketing experience and offering opportunities for direct feedback from the Turkish market, which the company will receive with its local presence there. As a result of the strengthening of the SIMARINE brand in the Turkish market, a better ompetitive position and an increase in exports will follow.
The aim of the tender is higher added value in supported companies, strengthening the final products of Slovenian companies in foreign markets and positioning the products of Slovenian companies higher in global value chains, which contributes to achieving the specific objective of the Operational Program for European Cohesion Policy “Increasing International Competitiveness of SMEs”. The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.

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