A Greek hero, innovation, and future-focused design – more than just a campervan

At CMT Stuttgart 2023, one of the world’s biggest campervan trade fairs, Robeta debuted its stunning new vehicle, the Adonis. The Slovenian manufacturer already made a big splash at the Dusseldorf 2022 fair, making sure that plenty of people were talking about them – in Dusseldorf they debuted their Schumacher Edition, outfitted in collaboration with former F1 star Ralf Schumacher on top of a Mercedes Benz chassis. We’ve already written about the Schumacher edition, which you can read here.

The Adonis RV right at home next to the Schumacher Edition

The Slovenian company Robeta has once again set a new bar, introducing to the market its new campervan, which decisively shows that, despite its small size, Slovenia can compete with the heaviest hitters in the industry. The Adonis becomes Robeta’s second model to have been built on a Mercedes Benz chassis. 

Stuttgart is where the Adonis was unveiled, sparking a huge buzz and interest among fair-goers, as the new model reaches unparalleled heights of both prestige and cozy comfort. Its name “Adonis” was taken from Greek mythology, as the symbol of beauty and attractiveness – under Robeta’s hands, Adonis reaches truly divine heights.

For day trips and long hauls alike

The new campervan impressed fairgoers with its conventional floorplan but innovative and meticulous focus on detail and interior design. At 5.93 meters long and a standard engine power of 190PS, the Adonis is the flagship in Robeta’s fleet of campervan models. It is synonymous with luxury and prestige, while at the same time its compact size makes it the ideal vehicle both for daily use as well as long and adventurous voyages with that special someone, or even the whole family.

The new campervan is available in all 6 interior colors that Robeta traditionally offers. The first models are already in productions, soon to be followed by the rollout of the 4-wheel drive version.

The interior and accessories

In the words of Igor Pirtovšek, Robeta’s commercial director, the Adonis is something special because of all the innovations and unique solutions it brings to the market. The campervan is outfitted and fully configured, with all factory options fully loaded. This includes Mercedes’s original radio navigation system along with a bevy of other useful and security systems (e.g. blind spot detection, 360-degree camera, radar cruise control, and more). To top it off, the Adonis has automatic sliding doors and high-performance LED daylights.

Alongside its heroic name and powerful look, this vehicle’s interior is also a thing of beauty. The living space boasts a 100 Ah LiON battery, 230 W solar power system, electric valves for waste and potable water, and a digital controller that lets you run and regulate all the electronic devices on board.

“The Adonis is outfitted with materials and furniture that proudly display its modern identity. You will find a Kerrock countertop inside, along with 2 extra premium seats, so you can transport 4 people,” adds Pirtovšek, who is convinced that Robeta still has plenty of potential ahead of it for new developments and new market successes.

At CMT Stuttgart 2023, one of the world’s biggest campervan trade fairs, Robeta debuted its stunning new vehicle, the Adonis. The Slovenian manufacturer already made a big splash at the Dusseldorf 2022 fair, making sure
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