Robeta’s Luxury Schumacher Edition Camper Van Equipped with the Nereide 2

Ex-Formula 1 driver Ralf Schumacher and the premium Slovenian campervan manufacturer Robeta have designed a new and limited-edition luxury campervan – the Schumacher edition. Unveiled a few days ago at the world’s biggest caravan show in Dusseldorf, it attracted a huge buzz both in the media as well as among true campervan aficionados. We are proud that our second-generation Nereide control panel is equipping the 5-ton Sprinter, which comes at a whopping €279,000.

While negotiating the terms of our collaboration, Robeta clearly showed us the direction they wanted this special vehicle to pursue:  “This new model’s interior and exterior design are to pursue the absolute top of the line in premium yacht technology, equipped to the nines with a revolutionary electronics system.” And they were true to their word, delivering an extraordinary product.

The campervan’s foundation is the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter s 190 KM, which boasts a sporty look despite its 7 meters of length. The Schumacher Edition is outfitted with all the assistance systems that Mercedes offers, taken to the next level with an extra solar generator system.

An Interior That Takes Your Breath Away

The Schumacher Edition isn’t just a technical masterpiece. Its extraordinary class and elegance is also shown in its breathtaking interior. All the furniture, crafted from only the finest materials, reminds passengers more of a luxury yacht than a mere campervan. 

Black Kerrock dominates the kitchen – a material with all the beauty of marble but a fraction of the weight. Warm wood trim, gleaming white fabric, and the bright floor’s reflection in the Kerrock create a vivid contrast and a truly special ambiance. 

The kitchen provides everything a wandering foodie could desire: an induction stove, a spacious fridge with separate freezer, microwave oven, and even a dishwasher. As the legend himself was a connoisseur of fine wines, the Schumacher Edition just had to feature a glassed-out wine rack.

All the Comfort of Home in Just a Few Square Meters

The bathroom, located in the campervan’s aft section, boasts a glass shower cabin, impressive black sink, and a huge, backlit mirror. 

And what about the bed? It’s cleverly hidden in the campervan’s ceiling, just waiting for the owner to lower it down over the seating at the touch of a button. The back wall is outfitted with a reflective black surface, which elegantly serves to give the illusion of more space.

Robeta really outdid themselves with their expertise and creativity in the Schumacher edition. Hats off!

Nereide 2 – The perfect digital switching solution for high-end campervans and yachts

Inspired by the DAME Design Award category winner Nereide 1, Simarine tweaked the winning model to develop its newer Nereide 2. We are proud that our beauty found its place in Robeta’s exclusive campervan, the Schumacher Edition. The Nereide 2 is a complete digital switching system for monitoring and controlling batteries, tanks, temperatures, individual consumers, and generators on both yachts and campervans. 

Let’s take a look at its key features:

  • Custom printed layout
  • 80% lower power consumption than any other digital switching solution on the market
  • Environmentally friendly materials – aluminum, glass, and green plastic
  • Integrated remote battery switch
  • Optional AC distribution system with motorized automatic circuit breakers
  • N2K compatible

The Nereide 2 will be available to customers starting in January 2023. Read everything there is to know about it by clicking the link below.

More about Nereide 2

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