Nereide 2

A complete digital switching solution for yachts

nereide 2 control panel

Classy design

An elegant combination of tactile buttons and a digital display. The aluminum casing and optically bonded display give the control panel a high-end look that complement the interior of your boat or yacht.

The slightly raised and rounded buttons provide a comfortable feel when touched. 

The front can be flush with the surface or only 5 mm above it. 

Also the 12V distribution unit is one of a kind

  • It’s sleek, compact and has a low profile.
  • It features an ultra durable circuit board with protective coating.
  • The robust aluminum base protects the circuit board and provides efficient passive cooling.
  • For easy access and extra protection for relays and fuses, we added protective covers that open without tools.
power distribution unit 12 V
nereide 2 digital switching


Customize the printed labels next to the buttons.

Make your control panel unique and let it serves your needs and habits.

Partnership with HanseYachts AG

We are honored that our Nereide 2 complements the yacht’s interior of one of the world’s largest manufacturers of sailing yachts, HanseYachts AG.

This leading German yacht company owns 6 innovative brands, you can find the Nereide 2 at Hanse, Dehler and Fjord. 

Ultra low power consumption

The distribution unit uses only 10 mA, while the panel consumes 30 mA when switched off with the logger active.

Nereide 2 can be placed between the main battery and the main switch. The beauty of this is that it won’t drain your battery if you don’t sail for a while. Even in this low power mode, the system offers comprehensive remote monitoring and management functions.

NMEA 2000 compatible

Control your appliances directly from the plotter. Nereide 2 digital switching system is compatible with the NMEA protocol to ease the control of your yacht. 

PICO battery monitoring system built-in

The Nereide 2 offers everything the Pico monitoring system delivers: Battery, tank and temperature monitoring as well as air pressure measurement.

DC unit with 31 manually over-rideable output channels

Let’s take a closer look at the DC power distribution unit. It features 30 inputs with a current rating of up to 20 amps and 1 input with a current rating of up to 30 amps. All-together, the unit is rated for a maximum current of 200 amps. To protect your consumers standard automotive mini-fuses are used and are easily replacepable.

Any kind of error, for example blown fuse, stuck relay or lack of supply voltage will be indicated on the corresponding button on the control panel.

power distribution unit 12 V yacht

Control panel also features


Tank and voltage module (8 resistance and 7 voltage inputs)


Error indication with red color around the respective button


Momentary toggle button mode


Compatibility with all SiCom modules


Optional integration of remote battery switch control with feedback and bilge pump control


Navigational lights display


Front mount installation 


Automatic illumination

Wiring and installation made easy

For you to install the unit quickly and easily we chose wiring via standard WAGO® connectors. DC unit and the control panel are connected over a single SiCAN cable. The Nereide 2 control panel is separate from the power unit. This makes it even easier to install. 

With care for the Earth in mind

Aluminium & Glass. 

That’s all you’ll see when looking at the control panel.

Featured in


schumacher edition campervan with neredie 2

Ex-Formula 1 driver Ralf Schumacher and the premium Slovenian campervan manufacturer Robeta have designed a new and limited-edition luxury campervan – the Schumacher edition. Which has a Nereide 2 digital switching system on board.

Remote management with Marine BM-40 and BM-50

Plug and Play compatible with the renowned Remote Management System by Sentinel Marine.


Power source voltage range
temperature range
Power consumption at 12V
Normal operation mode: 100
Low power with bilge LED active
Low power with bilge LED inactive
Current (A)
Voltage (V)
Voltage inputs
Radio frequency bands
Dimensions with connector
Nereide 2 - Control Panel
Temperature sensors
Tank level sensors
Inclinometer sensors
Switches (left & right side)
2 X USB 3.0 (charger)
6 - 35 VDC
From -20°C up to 70°C (-4°F up to 158°F)
200 mA
40 mA
30 mA
±0,1 A (1%)
±0,1 V (1%)
0 - 75 VDC
0 - 65 kOhm
2,4 GHz
210 x 210 x 40 mm
Up to
18 + 1 (power) = 19
Power consumption at 5V
Temperature range
Power consumption at 12V
Switching channels
30x Switch channel with standard
mini fuse - manual relay override
1x Power channnel (Main switch ON/OFF)
All channels combined (max current)
12 VDC
From -20°C to 70°C (-4°F to 158°F)
10 mA
Maximum current
20 A
30 A
200 A
Up to
410 x 169 x 40 mm

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