• Battery storage tips and state of charge dos and don’ts

    Have you ever had the feeling you are buried in information on how batteries work, some of which is conflicting? What should you really do to increase battery lifespan? Which battery dos and don’ts should be remembered?

  • Boat solar battery charger vs. a wind turbine

    Many (if not most) boat owners face the problem of keeping the batteries charged. If you want your battery serves you for a longer period of time, you should ensure it is fully charged prior to using it. Half charging will shorten its life cycle and spoil your sunny days out in the ocean. Besides sun and wind, complete energy independence on board is probably every sailor’s dream.

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    5 ways to make your boat batteries last longer

    Not understanding your boat batteries can be an expensive and chronic problem. Batteries could also be a real party breaker. Most of us have experienced this scenario: the wind is just right, the sky is perfectly clear and the boat is prepared to sail away to new adventures. Just before grabbing our favourite sailing shoes and hitting the docks we check the battery bank.

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    A concise guide to batteries

    Batteries are a triumph of science. They allow many cool appliances like smart phones or GPS navigation to exist without being helplessly wired to power cables. Yet even the best batteries slowly lose their capacity until they finally die. Why do batteries die and how can they even store so much energy in the first place?

  • pico-app

    Sailing and boating apps make life easier

    We all love to get out on the water and disconnect, but probably we still have a soft spot in our hearts for the apps. It’s amazing how many useful applications you can store on your smartphone or

  • Boat battery replacement basics

    A real nightmare of many boat owners are short battery life and dead batteries. When you face a dead battery, the knowledge of replacing it could be a life saver.

  • simarine-pico

    Benefits of using Pico battery monitor

    Boat batteries are pricey items and it’s worth investing in appropriate technology to get the best possible performance out of them. Nothing illustrates this point better than the

  • Protection of ships hulls against fouling and corrosion

    The English expression fouling – the overgrowing of the hull – can be defined as the undesirable accumulation of microorganisms, plants, algae or animals on the wetted surfaces of the vessel’s

  • NEREIDE is winner of the DAME Award in marine electronics category

    NEREIDE Smart Power Panel was the winner of the ‘marine electronics & marine related software’ category at METSTRADE 2017. The control panel takes marine electrical distribution panels to another level.

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