Light switches

with programmable dimmers

Wherever the road takes you, you still need that feeling of being at home. If you want to give your campervan a nice, cozy feeling, adding digital light switches with integrated dimmers can help. 

Lighting can completely change the atmosphere in your van, helping you create the perfect mood you need at any given moment.

Our anodized aluminum light switches have programmable dimmers, meaning you can set their location/address. This allows you to control the same light with two or more switches, while only one switch needs to be connected.

The light switches aren’t directly connected to PICO and there’s no connection with our system.

They have a two-channel dimmer for each individual switch. If a dimmer is off, then the switch can be used for turning on/off other devices that use up to 5 A. 

There are two colors available: black and silver.

Technical information

Power source voltage range 6 – 35 V
Temparature range -20 – +70 °C
Power consumption at 12 V
Operating 0.8 mA
Current measuring range
Per channel 0,1 – 320 A
Accuracy ± 0,6 %
Resolution 0,01 A
Sampling rate 100 ms
Maximal current
Continuous 300 A
Peak current (<1 min) 700 A
Peak current (<5 min) 400 A
Voltage drop at 300 A 50 mV
Maximal voltage on connections 35 V

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