A complete digital switching system for campervans and RVs

Combination of a control panel and versatile power distribution unit.

All you need to monitor your batteries, tanks, temperatures, refrigerator, cooktop, solar and manage water pump, fridge, heating, lighting, and more.

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Teamwork makes the dream work

The VIA control panel comes together with the SPDU52 12V power distribution unit. It’s a versatile module, equipped with 6 switching channels distributed across 12 fuses, a 50 A shunt for the service battery, 40 A shunt for the wall charger, and a 16 A shunt for solar.

It also provides power for other external modules and shunts. Further, it is completely compatible with all the existing expansion modules.

As a backup, the system has a manual override option in case the panel is not working for some reason.

With additional modules you can connect it to up to 6 battery banks, 24 shunts, 10 temperature sensors, 14 tank level sensors, and one inclinometer sensor. That’s a full house, right?

Always know how much power you have left

When going off grid in search for the great outdoors and their peaceful and picturesque spots, it’s always good to know how long you can stay in the little slice of heaven that you’ve found.

VIA always gives you accurate data about your batteries’ voltage, their state of charge, the remaining ampere hours, time to charge or discharge, and even their compartment temperature.

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Multiple power sources monitoring

Monitor how much power is coming from your solar or wall charger.

Optionally you can add the innovative SCQ25 or SCQ50 module to the system to monitor power consumption on your fridge, lights, cooktop, coffee maker, and other appliances.

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Water and temperature are now under your control

Fresh or gray, water or fuel, the VIA system can accurately measure it all. It supports a range of third-party tank sensors – resistance, voltage, and 4-stage level sensors.

Set multiple calibration points and measure your liquids precisely to the liter.

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Manage lights, water pump, heating and other appliances from one place


is the number of tactile buttons you’ll find on the right side of the VIA control panel. They’re here to make your adventure even more fun and easy going.

Combining two worlds together: beauty and utility

We’re exceeding the old-fashioned belief that what is beautiful can’t be smart. It’s time to say goodbye to outdated design and say hello to sleek, elegant, and contemporary design that fuses perfectly with the interior of your campervan, caravan, or RV.

The VIA control panel has everything a modern device should have – an anodized aluminum case, optically bonded high-resolution IPS screen with polarizing filter, and automatic illumination of display and buttons.

40 mA


5 mA

Sleep mode

Configure the POWER OFF button so that the panel switches to SLEEP MODE. In this case, the control panel will use only 5 mA while still gathering all necessary data on the backside. In normal operation mode with WiFi off and 70 % illumination it consumes 40 mA.

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Some can sleep anywhere and in any conditions

If you aren’t one of those… Level your vehicle using an innovative inclinometer and monitor your pitch and roll.

Get the sleep you deserve and wake up in the best of moods.

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Be warned when the battery state, water level, or temperature is too low or too high

Choose your device, the high and the low thresholds for alarm, and alarm duration and delay.

The ST107 tank level and voltage module and the SCQ25, SCQ50, SCQ25T have an integrated programmable 12 V alarm signal relay that you can configure to output a signal of 1 A in the event of an alarm.

simarine app

View all data on your phone

Download our free Simarine mobile app and easily configure your panel and upgrade its firmware.

Turn on your panel’s Wi-Fi Direct (localhost) and view live data.

Customize your buttons

You* decide what you want to manage through the control panel.

There are 7 buttons available, waiting to make your wish come true.

*Customization is possible only when ordering more than 10 systems.

Light switches with programmable dimmers

Wherever the road takes you, you still need that feeling of being at home. If you want to give your camper a nice, homely feeling, consider adding digital light switches with integrated dimmers.

Our anodized aluminum light switches have programmable dimmers, meaning you can set their location. This allows you to control the same light with two or more switches, while only one switch needs to be connected to the light.

Want to learn more about the Via system? Wondering if you need additional shunts and modules?
Check our blog post in which we explain the system in detail.


Voltage range6 - 22 VDC
Temperature range​From -20°C up to 70°C (-4°F up to 158°F)
Power consumption at 12 V
Operating, WiFi On, 100 % illumination​100 mA
Operating, WiFi Off, 70% illumination​40 mA
Operating, WiFi Off, 0% illumination​​22 mA
Power Off, logger still active ​​5 mA
Display capabilities
Range​​-999.99 to +999.99 A
Resolution0.01 A
Range 0 - 75 VDC
Resolution 0,001 V
Amp hours (Ah) ±0,1 Ah
Range -40°C up to + 150°C
Resolution 0,1°C /°F
SOC - State of Charge 0 - 100 %
Radio Frequency Band 2,4 GHz
Connectivity Up to
Temperature sensors10
Tank level sensors14
Inclinometer sensors2
Dimensions (without connector)
Control panel 157.10 x 82.10 x 5.60 mm
6.18 x 3.23 x 0.22 in
Voltage range8 - 22 VDC
Main battery8 - 22 VDC
Starter battery8 - 22 VDC
Temperature range​From -20°C up to 70°C (-4°F up to 158°F)
Power consumption at 12 V
Operating​15 mA
Power off ​​0,25 mA
Current measuring
Channel 1 (solar) ​​0 - 16 A
Channel 2 (charger)​​0 - 40 A
Channel 3 (main battery)​​0 - 50 A
Channel 4 (starter battery) ​​0 - 50 A
Accuracy ​​±1 %
Sample rate ​​100 ms
Resolution±0.01 A
Voltage measuring
Channel 1 (starter battery bank) 0-22 V
Channel 2 (main battery bank) 0-22 V
Channel 3 (U3)0-75 V
Channel 4 (U4)0-75 V
Voltage measuring (U1, U2, U3, U4)
Accuracy ±0,3 %
Resolution 1 mV
Sampling rate 100 ms
Resistance inputs (R1, R2, R3, R4)
Range 0 - 65 kOhm
Accuracy ± 3 %
Temperature sensor – NTC 10k
Range From –13°C to +80°C
Accuracy± 3,0 %
Maximum continuous current for output channels
K120 A
K220 A
K315 A
K415 A
K510 A
K610 A
All channels combined (max. continuous limit)50 A
Dimensions (without connector)
SPDU-52 200 x 160 x 42 mm
7,87 x 6,3 x 1,65 in
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