Nereide Pro

A cutting-edge digital switching solution.
For every yacht. Customizable in mere seconds.

Customize your buttons

In your own words. In your own language. In your own order.

Simple and fast configuration

Of button labels. And outputs.

Combine multiple functions under a single button.

Set multiple languages and later easily toggle between them.

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Expandable system

The Nereide Pro (previously known as Nereide 3) control panel can be connected to several AC and DC units, as well as to all the PICO system’s extension modules. In addition to AC and DC units, we are also developing an extension module to control remote switches and bilge pumps that you will be able add to your Nereide Pro digital switching system.

remarkable or
outstanding design?

That’s right, all of the above.

A combination of tactile buttons and multiple digital displays, built into an aluminum casing. Yes, this is Nereide Pro, our latest development project that has exceeded all the industry’s expectations. We’re sure you’ll agree.

nereide 2 digital switching


Slightly raised and rounded tactile buttons, milled out of aluminum. Designed for all of you who love that satisfying sound of pressing a button.

Blue light around the respective button shows that the device is on, while red indicates an error.

The control panel features automatic illumination and adapts to surrounding lighting (brighter during the day, darker at night).

The tech that makes the magic happen

AC Distribution units

DC power distribution unit

DC Distribution unit

Remote switch and bilge pump
expansion unit

DC unit with 31 manually over-rideable
output channels

dc distribution unit nereide 3

The DC unit features 30 outputs with a current rating of up to 10 amps and 1 ouput with a current rating of up to 30 amps. All together, the unit is rated for a maximum current of 200 amps.

To protect your consumers, standard automotive mini-fuses are used, which are easily replaceable.

Any kind of error, for example blown fuse, stuck relay, or lack of supply voltage, will be indicated on the corresponding button on the control panel.

The unit is sleek and compact, and has a low profile. It holds an ultra-durable circuit board with protective coating. Sleek aluminum casing protects the circuit board and provides efficient passive cooling.

For easy access and extra protection for relays and fuses, we added removable covers that require no tools to open.

We want you to install the unit quickly and easily, so we chose wiring with standard WAGO® connectors. Multiple units can be used in a single system.

AC distribution unit with motorized
or standard minuature circuit breakers (MCB)
and RCBO switch

Distribute AC power safely with one of the two power distribution units. The only difference between them is whether they can be disconnected and reconnected electrically (SAC23R-RCBO) or manually (SAC23M-RCBO).

Each unit has 2 selectable inputs for power sources (shore, inverter, or generator) and 3 output channels with overcurrent protection by miniature circuit breakers (MCBs).

But not only that, the units also have an integrated RCBO (residual current circuit breaker with overcurrent protection) that provides protection in the event of a short circuit or overload. It also protects the vessel’s occupants from electric shock.

SAC23R-RCBO has motorized RCBO and MCBs, which enables remote switching of circuit breakers, even if the circuit breaker trips.

Both inputs are rated for 32 A current, and the output current is limited to 20 A per channel. Each channel is monitored and is capable of detecting a circuit breaker trip or voltage deficiency. The error is signaled to the control panel and is indicated by changing the corresponding button’s background color (from blue to red).

For measuring current consumption, there is also an integrated shunt resistor. The units also measure input voltage.

They have an output for daisy-chaining additional AC distribution units.

Control up to 5
remote switches

And up to 3 bilge pumps with the same unit. Several types of remote switches are supported. Switches and pumps are controlled by the Nereide Pro control panel. Multiple SRB530 expansion units can be connected to a single control panel.

remote switch for boats, yachts

80% lower power consumption

Than other digital switching solutions currently on the market.

Average consumption of a typical system when turned ON = 300 to 500 mA (control panel + AC distribution unit + DC distribution unit).

When set in power saving or sleep mode = 30 – 40 mA. And it still provides comprehensive remote monitoring and management functions. (The consumption when running and in sleep mode depends on the number of connected units, backlight level, Wi-Fi usage, etc. The values provided are for a typical system described above.)

With care for
the Earth in mind

Aluminum. Glass. Recyclable plastic.

That’s all you’ll find in the panel housing or any of the the units.

remote management sentinel

Remote management with marine BM-40 and BM-50

Plug and Play compatible with the renowned Remote Management System by Sentinel Marine.

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