Battery monitoring system for a peace of mind on your adventure

Voltage, current, or time remaining? PICO has all the answers.

The Pico battery monitor displays all data about your batteries’ voltage, state of charge, remaining ampere hours, time to charge or discharge, and even temperature.

You can monitor up to 6 battery banks.

The Pico system is modular, which means that you need expansion modules in addition to the PICO monitor.

For battery monitoring you need the shunt SC303 or SC503.

simarine pico battery monitor

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Check your batteries while at home

remote monitoring simarine pico

Connect your Pico to the internet via your router, marina, or camp WiFi router to check your batteries, tank levels, temperatures, and other measurements from anywhere.  

Now you have immediate access to real-time information – all accessible through our app, which also grants you control over Pico’s settings.  

Monitor multi-voltage systems with one PICO

With Pico you can monitor several voltage systems. All with a single device.

For monitoring 12V and 24V systems you can use the standard splitter that comes with Pico.

For systems that exclusively operate on 48V you need a high-voltage splitter

Lead Acid & Lithium battery compatible

Our battery monitoring system is compatible with the following battery types:

battery types




Deep Cycle

Wet Free

Wet Low

simarine pico

CNC milled from a single piece of anodised aluminum

simarine pico

Water-tolerant touch buttons

Low power consumption

Love at first sight that lasts forever

Pico has a design you’ll fall in love with over and over again. It’s sleek, slim, and compact look is available in 2 mount types and 2 colors (black and silver).

It’s display is optically bonded. It features a high-resolution, 3.5 IPS screen with Gorilla® Glass, a polarizing filter, and automatic illumination.

The IP67-rated anodized aluminum unibody case is water- and dust-resistant. The CapSense® touch buttons can be used even when there are drops of water on them.

Manage your power to enjoy freedom

simarine pico battery monitor

When offgrid you rely completely on your own energy sources. Batteries don’t last forever, so solar is a necessity in this case. But still… you need to know what’s draining your batteries the most. Is it your fridge, stove, or something else?

Adding the innovative SCQ25, SCQ25T, or SCQ50 module to your system, lets you monitor the power consumption of all your appliances, such as your refrigerator, lights, cooktop, coffee maker, etc. Monitor various generators, like solar.

Monitoring the current coming in and out also serves as a check to make sure everything is working properly.

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tank monitoring Pico

Is your water tank half full
or half empty?

Always be sure of how much water you have left to cook, shower, or make your favorite tea with while admiring the beauty of nature or thinking about how little we need to be happy.

With Pico battery monitoring system you can monitor up to 12 tanks. Simply add a tank level and voltage module ST107 to the system and set two calibration points. For irregular tank shapes, you can set several of them to measure as accurately as possible.

Wide range of third-party analog sensors and units supported: resistive 0-65K ohms (or anything in between) and voltage type 0-75V (or anything in between).

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Life is all about the journey.
So, where are you going?

Yours is around 36.6, but you know that already

What you don’t know is the temperature inside and outside your boat or campervan, the temperature of your batteries, your fridge, and your engine, etc.

Add up to 12 temperature sensors to the system with various shunts and modules: SC303, SC503, SCQ25T and/or ST107.

Pico is compatible with NTC 10k, NTC 5k and NTC 1k sensors.

Pitch and roll monitoring

inclinometer for boats and campervans

The innovative inclinometer helps you monitor your vehicle’s pitch and roll and helps you evenly distribute weight loads on a boat.


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Save the energy for the fun part of your adventure

We know how important every amp is to you. It was with this in mind that we designed Pico.

Its consumption is so low that you can wire it before the main switch.

Hey, it's time to move on. Bad weather is coming.

Pico battery monitor has a built-in barograph that displays the pressure in real time, detects changes, and, by storing the data, shows trends that can be invaluable in predicting weather changes.

barograph boat

Get all data on your NMEA compatible device

The NMEA 2000 gateway allows Pico to communicate with other devices on the NMEA network.

Pico sends data about batteries, tanks, temperatures, barographs, and more to other devices.

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wiring shunts

Wire shunts either to the LOW (-) or HIGH side (+), unless the voltage of the system exceeds 35V. In this case, the shunt must be wired to the LOW(-) side.

Convenient for wiring on retrofitting for existing boats and campervans. Multiple shunts and modules can be daisy-chained.

Save & restore feature for manufacturers

Pico settings can be stored and easily transferred to on the next Pico setup with the same configuration. All done easily via the Simarine app.

simarine app
battery monitoring via app

Access data and manage settings via the Simarine app

Download our free Simarine Mobile App and connect it to Pico to monitor live data for batteries, tanks, temperatures, barograph, consumption of small appliances, and auxiliary generators.

Use it to configure your Pico and upgrade its firmware.

PICO will ensure you’ll have only nice surprises on the way

Choose any measured data you always want to know about, and set the alarm by entering the high and the low values.

Modules the ST107, SCQ25, SCQ50 and SCQ25T each have 1 built-in programmable alarm signal relay that you can configure to output a signal of 1 amp when an alarm is triggered.

Good things always come in combo

To make it easy for you to choose.

pico one set


Entry-level battery monitoring for smaller boats and campervans.

Pico display unit

SC303 shunt module

355.00 €

pico standard set


Basic set for motor and sailing boats.

Pico display unit

ST107 tank module

SC303 shunt module

450.00 €

pico blue set



For those who want something more. Monitoring solar and other alternative power sources, individual appliance consumption.

Pico display unit

ST107 tank module

SCQ25 quadro shunt module

SC503 shunt module

595.00 €

For DIY endeavors

If you are looking for a unique solution, build the combo that perfectly matches your travel preferences.

Choose from a wide range of shunts and modules. The Pico battery monitor is compatible with all of them.

What's in the box?

Pico monitor



Installation template & quick guide

Screws, threaded rods, nuts, brackets

Double sided tape

Play Video

Want to learn the basics about the Pico battery monitoring system? Need help with choosing the right shunts and modules? In the video below we take you through the foundation. For more videos like this visit our YouTube channel.

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Power source voltage range6 - 35 VDC
Temperature range​From -20°C up to 70°C (-4°F up to 158°F)
Power consumption at 12 V5 A
Operating, WiFi On, 100 % illumination​90 mA
Operating, WiFi Off, 70% illumination​35 mA
Operating, WiFi Off, 0% illumination​​18 mA
Power Off, logger still active ​​5 mA
Display capabilities
Range​​-999.99 to +999.99 A
Resolution0.01 A
Range 0 - 75 VDC
Resolution 0,001 V
Amp hours (Ah) ±0,1 Ah
Range -40°C up to + 150°C
Resolution 0,1°C /°F
SOC - State of Charge 0 - 100 %
Radio Frequency Band 2,4 GHz
Monitoring capabilities Up to
Temperature sensors10
Tank level sensors14
Inclinometer sensors2
Dimensions (without connector)
PICO standalone98 x 84 x 10 mm
3.85 x 3.30 x 0.39 in
PICO panel-mount108.5 x 94 x 10 mm
4.27 x 3.70 x 0.39 in
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