tank level and voltage module ST107

Tank level and voltage module ST107


Tank level and voltage module ST107

5 m data cable



The ST107 digital tank module is a highly versatile module. Its main purpose is to measure water, fuel, or other liquid levels (tank monitoring), but you can also use it to measure voltage or temperature.

The ST107 brings 4 resistance and 3 voltage inputs to the system. With them, you can monitor:

– resistance inputs: analog resistance type tank level sensors or temperatures
– voltage inputs: voltage-only batteries (any battery type except lithium), analog voltage type tank level sensors, and custom user sensors

The resistance inputs require sensors ranging from 0 ohms to 65,000 Ohms, and the voltage inputs sensors ranging from 0 V to 75 V. You can connect any tank-level sensor that operates in this range or anything in between.

The compatible temperature sensors are:

– NTC 10k, with which our system can measure temperatures down to -13°C
– NTC 5k, with which our system can measure temperatures down to -20°C
– NTC 1k, with which our system can measure temperatures down to -40°C

One of the special features of this module is a built-in, programmable alarm signal relay, which you can configure to output a signal of 1 amp if an alarm is triggered.



wiring shunts

You can wire the shunts to either the LOW (-) or HIGH side (+), unless the system’s voltage exceeds 35V. In this case, wiring the shunt to the  LOW(-) side is mandatory. 

You can also mix the shunt wirings, by connecting some to the positive and some to the negative side, or even to the same module. 

Convenient for wiring on retrofitting for existing boats and campervans.

Multiple shunts can be daisy-chained together or linked to our other expansion modules.

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Voltage range6 - 35 VDC
Temperature range​From -20°C up to 70°C (-4°F up to 158°F)
Power consumption at 12 V
Operating​2.5 mA
Voltage inputs (U1, U2, U3) 3
Range​​0 – 75 V
Accuracy 1 mV
Resolution ± 0.3 %
Sampling rate 100 ms
Resistance inputs (R1, R2, 53, R4)4
Range 0 Ohm – 65 kOhm
Accuracy± 3 %
Sampling rate100 ms
Dimensions 112 x 72 x 31 mm
Connectivity SiCOM
Alarm contact1

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