Nereide 3

Cutting edge digital switching solution for every yacht.

Customize your buttons

With your own words. In your own language. In your own order.

nereide 3 configuration video
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Simple and fast configuration

Of button labels. And outputs.

Button labels can be defined either statically or dynamically by combining multiple functions under a single button.

Set multiple languages and later easily switch between them.

nereide 2 digital switching


Aluminum tactile buttons combined with a digital display.

For all of you who love that satisfying sound of pressing a button.

The tech that makes the magic happen

AC Distribution Unit SAC23-RCBO

power safely

with motorized automatic circuit breakers.

These are controlled and monitored remotely by a Nereide panel. The unit has 5 AC outputs and multiple units can be daisy-chained. Connected to the panel via a single SiCAN cable.

DC power distribution unit

DC Distribution Unit SPU303

You are
the boss!

Configure your 31 outputs using manual override switches. We want you to install the unit quickly and easily, so we chose wiring with standard WAGO® connectors. Multiple units can be daisy-chained.

Remote Switch and Bilge Pump Unit

Control up to 5 remote
battery switches

and up to 3 bilge pumps with the same unit. This unit has one relay output. Like the units above, several SBRU53s can be daisy-chained. Connected to the panel via a single SiCAN cable.

80% lower power consumption

than other digital switching solutions currently on the market.

Average consumption = 250 mA

When set in power saving mode = 15 mA. And it still provides comprehensive remote monitoring and management functions.

With care for the Earth in mind

Aluminium. Glass. Recyclable plastic

That’s all you’ll find in the panel housing or any of the the units.

remote management sentinel

Remote management with marine BM-40 and BM-50

Plug and Play compatible with the renowned Remote Management System by Sentinel Marine.

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