Battery monitor

All you need to monitor your batteries, tank levels, temperatures, fridge, solar and more.

battery monitor

pico one set


pico standard set

PICO Standard

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Modular system for monitoring batteries, tanks and more

The Pico system allows you to monitor:

  • The state of your batteries, their capacity, voltage, current, remaining time with current consumption
  • Water levels, temperatures
  • Inclination of the vehicle or vessel
  • Measuring the energy consumed by individual devices (refrigerator, lights, hob…)
  • Inverter, solar.

The Pico battery monitor displays all the above data. To deliver this data, you need to add shunts and other modules to the Pico. Discover how you can build your own system and add only the modules you need.

simarine pico battery monitor

Pico One set

Pico One is a basic set intended for smaller vessels and all types of recreational vehicles. It gives you a complete overview of the service battery bank.

In addition, you will be able to monitor the status of another battery, such as the starter battery, and the level of 2 tanks or 2 temperatures (depending on the sensors you use).

Pico Standard set

The Pico Standard set contains everything that the Pico One has, plus a module for monitoring the liquid level and voltage. The ST107 is a very versatile module with 4 resistance and 3 voltage inputs.

Its special feature is the built-in, programmable alarm relay, which, for example, will warn you when the battery level is below 30% or when the water tank is almost empty.

Pico Blue set

This is our best-selling set. It is intended for anyone who wants to have complete control over what is happening on their boat, yacht, motorhome, trailer, campervan or other recreational vehicle.

It gives you a detailed overview of how much energy you have at a given moment and how much is consumed or produced by each device. With this information, you will know for sure how many days you can stay in your hidden corner of the world – without the risk of running out of energy to return to civilization.

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