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Light switches

Data cables

Temperature sensors

Pico covers


Bring the light into your campervan or yacht

Meet our anodized aluminum light switches with programmable dimmers. They allow you to control the same light with two or more switches, while only one switch needs to be connected. In black and silver.

light switches campervan

Data cable 8 meters

With all our extension modules (SC303/503, SCQ25/25T/50, ST107, inclinometer and NMEA 2000 gateway) you already receive a 5 meter long data cable. If you need more, you can buy an 8-meter cable here.

Temperature sensor 1 m or 5 m

Here is the NTC 10K 1% temperature sensor 3950 waterproof probe with measurement range from -13 to 105 °C. It is available in two lenghts: 1 m and 5 m.

Pico cover

Need complete dark during the night? Or maybe want to protect your Pico? Use a rubber cover that is available in black and blue color. Only for stand-alone version.


All our products in one place. Here you will find control panels, battery monitor, extension modules, sensors and cables.

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