Extension Modules

Build your own control and monitoring system. Add only the extension modules you need on your campervan, motorhome, trailer, caravan, boat or RV.

Shunts SC303/503

quadro shunt module SCQ25

Quadro shunts

Tank level & voltage module



NMEA 2000 Gateway

300A and 500A smart shunts

Our digital shunts SC303 and SC503 are innovative combination of high-amp shunt and tank level module. They provide complete battery monitoring – the complete state of charge, current and voltage reading, and the temperature of the battery compartment.

shunts 300 A 500 A
quadro shunts current monitoring

Monitor fridge, lights, solar

Quadro shunt modules SCQ25, SCQ25T and SCQ50 are low-amp shunt modules for appliances monitoring. The SCQ25 allows a maximum continuous current of 25 amps per channel and the SCQ50 allows a maximum continuous current of 50 amps per channel.

Tank monitoring

The ST107 digital tank module measure water, fuel, or other liquid levels, but you can also use it to measure voltage or temperature. It has 4 resistance and 3 voltage inputs. One of the special features of this module is a built-in, programmable alarm signal relay.

tank level and voltage module ST107
inclinometer rv


Our digital inclinometer displays the inclination of your vehicle. It’s a plug and play device for pitch and roll with manual calibration.

NMEA 2000 Gateway

The SN01 NMEA 2000 gateway helps you to transmit data to other devices on the NMEA network. Our battery monitor sends data about batteries, tanks, temperatures, air pressure, and more to other devices.

nmea 2000 gateway
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