“The Simarine Pico Battery Monitor is actually much more than 'just' a battery monitor. It has the ability to monitor multiple battery banks, current of multiple consumer devices, tanks, temperatures, inclinometer and barometer. Let's call it a SYSTEM MONITOR 🙂 It's an cutting edge product with an impressive smartphone-like-high-quality feel.”
Antoine (Far Out Ride)

PICO One Set


PICO One is the entry-level battery monitoring solution. The set includes a PICO battery monitor and a SC303 high-amp shunt. 

Set includes:

1x PICO battery monitor (Stand-Alone)
1x SC303 shunt 

Water-tolerant touch buttons
Made from anodized aluminum for exceptional durability
Low-power consumption

Add compatible modules

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“The Pico feature that strikes me as truly unusual and useful is the ability to measure individual loads and charging sources, and a good way to see how it works is to install the Pico iOS or Android app and run the demo mode. (And note that the app can also install firmware updates, a terrific modern convenience in my experience.)”
Ben Ellison (Panbo)
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