2023 in numbers and what’s coming in 2024

And another year has passed. Growing, dynamic, connected and innovative. In this blog post, we will touch on some of the major milestones in 2023 and reveal our plans for 2024.


Welcome Hungary, Bulgaria, and Kuwait

In 2023 we made new partnerships. Among other things, we successfully connected with distributors in two European countries, Hungary and Bulgaria, and in a country from Southwest Asia – Kuwait.

Stable growth and increasing market share 

Growth and development are the driving forces of every company. This year we recorded a 16% growth and thus enabled even more travelers to have peace of mind on their adventures.

Another successful METSTRADE 

We always enjoy coming back to the Mets. The 35th METSTRADE fair this year once again opened the door to new partnerships and made it possible to strengthen ties with existing ones. A record number of visitors and more than 1,500 exhibitors from 53 countries are the reason why you should not miss this event.

Nereide 2 digital switching system for yachts is ready to conquer the world 

The Nereide 2 digital switching solution for yachts was initially developed for one of the world’s largest manufacturers of sailing yachts, HanseYachts AG. Over time it spread its sails and was ready to sail with every yacht. It has been available for a few months now for anyone who wants this innovative system with a high-end control panel. And not only that, we have also developed a configurator that allows you to customize the printed labels next to the buttons.


We have a 10-year anniversary in 2024!

Time really does fly. We are not sure any of us thought that after 10 years of our founding, we’d have more than 20 employees, be shipping our products all over the world, and still be full of ideas and enthusiasm for our work. It’s been bumpy, but every challenge is an opportunity for growth if you have the right people by your side. We are very lucky to have them. 

New year, new events 

There will be a few opportunities to meet in-person in 2024. This year we will be in Duesseldorf at the CARAVAN SALON in August. The trade fair takes place from August 30th to September 8th. You are cordially invited to visit us at our stand.

We are preparing Dealer Days for the first time. The live event for all our partners, which will be educational and collaborative, will take place in September. It will serve to deepen the knowledge of our systems with a special emphasis on the technical side, examples of installation, and wiring of the systems.

We’re back at the Mets in November 

Between November 19th and 21st we will travel to Amsterdam again to showcase new products at our stand. Welcome.

History and remote monitoring 

January 2024 brings two new experimental features that Pico battery monitor owners will be able to try out. The History feature will allow you to view all essential battery measurements going back more than 3 years, and for the shunt going back 100 days.

We believe that remote monitoring of battery status, fluid levels and temperatures will dispel many of your worries. You will be able to read more details about the functionalities in the upcoming blog. 

The launch of Nereide Pro 

The long-awaited Nereide Pro (formerly Nereide 3) will finally see the light of day in 2024. It brings a great advantage in the field of personalization of control panels –it contains digital labels next to the buttons, which can be easily set using the configurator. It will be possible to enter text in several languages and later simply toggle between them. 

Nereide Pro presents a special combination of tactile buttons and multiple digital displays combined in an aluminum casing. An elegant look is thus guaranteed!

AC distribution unit with motorized or standard miniature circuit breakers (MCB) and RCBO switch 

Yes, they are coming, and they will complete the Nereide 2 and Nereide Pro systems. The only difference between them will be whether circuit breakers can be disconnected and reconnected electrically (SAC23R-RCBO) or manually (SAC23M-RCBO). Both will have 2 selectable inputs for power sources (shore, inverter, or generator) and 3 output channels with overcurrent protection by miniature circuit breakers (MCBs).

But not only that, the units will also have an integrated RCBO (Residual Current circuit Breaker with Overcurrent protection) that will provide protection in the event of a short circuit or overload. It also protects the vessel’s occupants from electric shock.

More details coming soon. 

Remote switch and bilge pump extension unit 

Last but not least: in the first quarter of 2024, the remote switch and bilge pump extension unit will also be released . This will enable you to control up to 5 remote switches and up to 3 bilge pumps. Several types of remote switches will be supported.

So it looks like things are about to get exciting… again!

There is never a shortage of challenges and opportunities for improvement, so we believe we have another playful year ahead of us. Thank you to each and every one of you for being with us. Thank you for – your feedback on our products; your suggestions on how we can do things better; ideas of what else would be nice to have; and sharing what matters to you the most.

All the best in 2024! 

We are thrilled to announce a new experimental feature! From now on, you can use the app to monitor your batteries, tank levels, temperatures and other measurments from anywhere. In this blog post we’ll explore
And another year has passed. Growing, dynamic, connecting and innovative. In this blog post, we will touch on some of the major milestones in 2023 and reveal our plans for the coming year 2024.
Although there are only three, each is intended for specific vessels and recreational vehicles. When deciding which package is right for you, first consider what you want to measure. The Pico system is modular, so
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