Introducing the SCX03, the latest in our family of shunts!

Simarine is devoted to constant advances. Insatiable curiosity, cutting-edge innovation, and a passion for adventure on land and sea alike guide our development of new products. It is our pleasure today to introduce to you the newest addition to our powerful family of shunts, the SCX03.  This innovation takes the place of the older shunts SCX02T and SCX01 (whose lines included the SC301, SC501, SC302T, and the SC502T). 

Innovative, high-precision, active digital shunts

The new SCX03 series includes two shunts: 

  1. SC303 – For up to 300 A of continuous current
  2. SC503 – For up to 500 A of continuous current 

Both are designed for the PICO battery monitor, with:

  • 2 voltage inputs up to 75.0 V
  • 2 resistance inputs (for the temperature on the SC503, for tank level or temperature on the SC303)
  • 1 socket for a temperature sensor with a JST connector
  • 1 current sensor up to 300 A or 500 A

What sets these two new additions apart? Well, they do everything the older lines did, but with a powerful new feature! Specifically, the new series comes with an additional thermometer to measure the battery compartment’s temperature.

IMPORTANT: since the SC303 and SC503 are new products in the system, they first need a firmware update to version 3.007 or more recent in order to communicate with PICO. Only after updating will PICO recognize the new device and provide the right data. Upgrade the software version effortlessly with our mobile Simarine App.

The new shunt provides all data necessary for comprehensive battery monitoring (current + voltage), ensuring that you’re always up to speed on your battery’s state of charge.

If you are worried about installation, well, the new SCX03 series shunts have exactly the same dimensions as those from the SCX01 series.

What about the support? Yes, we have that covered too. Write to [email protected] and our support team will gladly come your way.

Curious about technical details? Full speed ahead, adventurer!

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