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We have been nominated for the DAME Design Award 2022!

In 2016 it was PICO, in 2017 it was Nereide Switch panel and this year Nereide 3 was nominated for the DAME Design Award. We are grateful that the jury recognized the value of our new digital switching solution for yachts. Fingers crossed we get to win!

The DAME Design Award spotlight on the best-designed products at METSTRADE

The DAME Design Award celebrate everything that is important in marine equipment design, from aesthetics to functionality, integration to packaging, and price efficiency to lifecycle management. It offers all METSTRADE show exhibitors from around the world the opportunity to submit their latest products and have them judged by experts spanning all areas of design. Because of this broader focus, the DAMEs encourage the whole marine industry to continuously improve its design efforts, down to the very last detail.

All nominees (this year there are 48) and winners will be celebrated at the METSTRADE 2022 Breakfast Briefing in the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre on 15 November, featuring a keynote speech by electric aircraft visionary, Cory Combs.

All DAME nominated products will feature on a special display at METSTRADE located at the heart of the show in the Elicium (Hall 13). Alongside, the METSTRADE Theatre will host daily discussion panels from this year’s DAME Design Awards category and outright winners.

NEREIDE 3 – Cutting edge digital switching solution for yachts

Nereide 3 is a true innovation in customization on the market. It offers the option of customization for all 20 buttons on the control panel. Users decide the order of the devices they want to monitor and control, as well as the language (up to 10 languages can be set for the control panel, which can be easily switched between later). Button labels can be defined either statically or dynamically by combining multiple functions under a single button.

Configuration is quick and easy thanks to the Nereide configurator.

Key features

  1. Fully customizable with digital labels.
  2. 80% lower power consumption than other digital switching solutions currently on the market.
  3. Environment friendly materials – aluminum, glass, and green plastic.
  4. Quick and simple configuration.
  5. AC distribution system with motorized automatic circuit breakers.
  6. N2K compatible.

Nereide 3 will be launched in the second quarter of 2023. Follow us on our social media channels and don’t miss the announcement when it goes live.

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