What our new website brings you

The long-awaited, new website finally saw the light of day recently. It brings you expanded product descriptions, new blog entries, revised technical documents, expanded Q&A, and an introduction to the Simarine team. We’ve added new ways to contact us if you have technical questions or are looking for more information.

Detailed information about each of our systems

In recent years, quite a number of questions have accumulated that you have asked us about the operation of our systems for monitoring batteries, fluid levels, temperatures, and other parameters on vessels or recreational vehicles. Many questions have repeated from week to week, so we laid them as a foundation for today’s website.

We are aware that a solid foundation is the basis for making improvements, so we have always tried to present the basics of our systems to you in the most comprehensible way possible. We also had in mind those of you who have the knowledge of electrical systems in the palm of your hand.

We believe we have done a good job making it easier for you to decide which system is the most suitable for your needs. It should also be clearer to select modules and new devices that you can add over the years to your vehicle or vessel.

Each system, we are talking about Pico, Via and Nereide systems, is presented on its own page along with modules for system expansion. Each of our systems is modular and buildable, or even able to be put together like Legos to build your very own system.

The Pico system modules (SC303, SC503, SCQ25/25T/50 shunt modules, ST107 tank level and voltage module, inclinometer and NMEA2000 gateway) are compatible with both the Via system and Nereide systems.

When describing each module, we followed the principle of knowing the type and number of inputs. This is the basis for the appropriate selection of sensors with which you will measure the desired parameters of the device. You can read more about the types of outputs, sensors, battery monitoring, tank levels, and temperatures in this article.

A picture says more than 1000 words – but a video says more than a million

In recent months, we have been trying to present as much information as possible about our systems, wiring, and settings via videos. You can find all the prepared video content on our YouTube channel. We have also attached many videos to the product descriptions on the website so that you can access them quickly.

Video support to solve technical challenges

Solving technical challenges quickly and efficiently saves you valuable time, as well as from a bad mood. Because we realize how much our quick response to your questions means to you, we are offering the option of booking a video call with our technical support team.

Over the years we have realized how helpful it is to see your embedded system live in order to solve technical issues. This is the only way we can check whether the wiring is performed correctly and find the cause of incorrect data display or an improperly functioning system. You can book your video call here.

Extended Q&A

Before you book a video call with our technical team or write to us at [email protected], check that the answer to your question may not be hidden in the frequently asked Q&A on the simarine.net/support page. Here you will find answers to more general questions. Because electricity is such a special field, even the smallest things can quickly cause damage to a vessel or vehicle.

Therefore, if you cannot find the answer to your question on the website, write to us or book a video call. Each electrical system is a story in itself, and generalizations are out of the question here. Your safety should always come first.

Revised technical documents

The instructions for use and wiring diagrams have been given a new content and format. We combed through the technical data again, especially the energy consumption of each monitor or control panel. All technical documents can now be found next to the product descriptions at the bottom of the page, and we have also collected them in one place – check out Support in the Downloads tab.

What do you think of the new website?

Are you missing something? Is something over your head? Your opinion counts a lot and is very important to us. If we can improve, please tell us how. Send your suggestions to [email protected].

Show us your system

All of you who already have one of our systems installed – please share it with us and help other adventurers to build theirs more easily! Write to us at [email protected]

With the help of the information you give us, we will prepare a blog entry or a vlog in which we will describe your installation process, the modules you used, and the specifics of your system. 

Let’s connect and get to know each other. We are looking forward to hearing your story!

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